WOW Tournament 25 February 2018

Flying Starts At Ryton!

WOW! What a day at WOW’s Ryton Competition on Sunday 25th February. We had a challenging start, with a wake-up call gone wrong we faced the first race of the day with no box and no box-loader! Luckily, our fellow flyballers helped us out; a similar style box loaned from Scorching Paws and a lovely box-loader in the form of Sharon from Cambridgeshire Canines stepped in. With just one team entered, we had the pick of our six team dogs; Roxy, Bella, Logan, Nera, Hartley and Willow, and decided on the more seasoned dogs to take on a change in box. They coped extremely well and we came away from the first race with four straight wins!

The next race was disastrous in terms of points, as start dog Bella suddenly found her flyball confidence and flew through the start line early in each leg, even after being moved back several feet on the mats! Although no points were gained, Bella clocked a fabulous personal best of 4.46 seconds and looked super comfortable in the lanes which we were thrilled with!

The rest of the day was a fairly mixed bag with some great races and close finishes, just not enough wins to place us in the rosettes. Our dogs, however, were all looking amazing and what’s most important to us is the way our dogs run, their technique, consistency and confidence, how we work as a team and how much fun we have; it was certainly a day of just that! Despite the sub-freezing temperatures we managed to keep warm huddled together in one car, making team plans, enjoying Janice’s home-made chocolate brownies and snuggling the spaniels in the boot for warmth!

Once again we thank our sponsors Green Pantry, Seraquin and Cambridgeshire Canine Massage for their continued support, and WOW for putting on a great show.