WOW Tournament 24 March 2018

Division Win For TimeFlyZ!

It was an incredible day for the team as we competed in our third UKFL tournament, hosted by WOW, at Ryton on Saturday 24th March 2018.

TimeFlyZ (Bella, Roxy, Logan, Nera, Hartley and Willow) were competing in Division 4 of the Open League and we had two teams entered to Pre-Cadets (Pre-Cadet 1: Neo and Wibble, Pre-Cadet 2: Deena and Skwish). Some of our handlers also had their first UKFL competition ring party experience since completing the training, so it was a full day for the team.

We enlisted the help of a member of the WOW team for our Pre-Cadet 1 sessions, who ran Mouse head-to-head with Neo and Wibble. The dogs both did brilliantly, coping well with all distractions and remaining focused throughout. It won’t be long before they’re both running in Open Competition!

Deena and Skwish also did fantastically well. Once we managed to keep Deena in the lane, she delivered some amazing full runs with impressive times, giving us a glimpse of her full potential. Skwish was a little overwhelmed at the prospect of flat recalls to his tuggy in this environment, but managed a few nice runs in the first session and put in some great box work all day.

With only three teams in the division, TimeFlyZ had just four races, each consisting of five heats. Although our changes were a little ‘off’ in race one, the dogs ran brilliantly and went from strength to strength throughout the day.

We had some great starts from Roxy and Bella, and consistent changes from Logan, Nera and Hartley, with some great times (including a PB of 4.56 seconds from Hartley!) and clean runs from the whole team. Willow was also an absolute star, coming in for the last two heats of our final race and running for Traci for the first time; she did brilliantly!

Our overall performance improved with each race and this was reflected in the results. We were thrilled to not only win all four races, but to end the day as division winners, achieving a fastest time of 17.68 seconds in our last race!

Congratulations to Stacy (with Nera) and Janice (with Logan) who also received their cadet pins for gaining their first 300 points in UKFL competition!


It was a great – but very long! – day’s racing, with a good atmosphere and a real team spirit. All of our dogs were absolutely amazing on the day and we hope to achieve even bigger and better things at our next competition in a few weeks’ time.

Our team is becoming stronger, faster and more consistent with every competition, largely due to the hard work and commitment of our handlers and their dogs – as well as a love of flyball and great teamwork, obviously! We also owe huge thanks to our sponsors Green Pantry, Seraquin and Cambridgeshire Canine Massage for their ongoing support. In addition to the direct support that all of our sponsors provide to the team, Green Pantry and Tracy Challis at Cambridgeshire Canine Massage also offer discounts to anyone who mentions us.