WOW Tournament 21 May 2017

Back In The Lanes

On Sunday 21st May TimeFlyZ attended WOW’s tournament in Ryton, after a short break away from competing. It felt good to be back in the racing lanes with our team of 6 dogs (Bella, Flicka, Nera, Hartley, Willow and Neo). We started the day with 3 consecutive wins, with Neo putting in a great time of 4.79 seconds and keeping his head, even in the absence of Richard. Nera and Flicka formed the backbone of the team, with Flicka running well for Scott in place of Michelle and Marian had plenty of chances to practise her start times with Bella. The spaniels brought up the rear, with Hartley and Willow switching in and out as anchor dog.

Our newest members, Phaze and Switch, got their first taste of a competition atmosphere, playing tug ring-side and doing some recalls on the exercise area, which is all great practise for them in amongst their regular training.

Mollie also played ball retrieves in the arena and even practised being measured in the morning, where she was very well behaved and nowhere near as wriggly as we imagined! She looks set to become a new team height dog when she’s fully fledged and will be a great asset to us.

A special mention goes to Nat Bryson from Bristol Ballistics, who was our super-star of the day, stepping in and box-loading for us as we were a little thin on the ground. She did a fabulous job and gave us some valuable feedback which we appreciate greatly.

To top off the day, having won our last race, we came away with a third place rosette after a 3-way tie for first place, and our loveable spaniel Hartley gained his Flyball Dog award, which is a massive achievement for him and Traci! Well done to them!

Thanks also to WOW, who yet again put on a great, well run show for us. They even ordered the sunshine! We shall see them again in the lanes in June!