WOW Tournament 17 June 2017

Indoor Racing Benefits!

On 17th June TimeFlyZ were back at WOW’s venue in Ryton for our latest competition. It was one of the hottest days of the year so we went prepared with lots of water, cool coats and shade for the dogs – not forgetting sunscreen for ourselves!

We had two teams entered, one open and one intermediate, with only 5 handlers available on the day so we had to be well organised! Luckily we also had help and would like to give a huge thanks to Stephanie Pratley from Fenland Firestorm for box-loading for both teams. She did an amazing job and really lightened the load for us. A couple of WOW members jumped in to help judge our line too which was an enormous support to our handlers.

Our open team started the day off (Roxy, Flicka, Nera, Peggy Sue and Willow) with all the dogs running brilliantly, especially in the heat! Unfortunately, a few legs in and Willow decided racing wasn’t for her that day despite having great training sessions both before and since after the competition. Luckily our height dog Peggy Sue stepped up to the mark and helped the team come in with a divisional win at the end of the day!

Our intermediate team (Bella, Hartley, Neo and Cleopatra) also coped amazingly well with the heat and gave some lovely runs and box turns throughout the day. It was also Cleopatra’s debut for full open runs and she was a superstar! For a dog that can easily lose her head at training she stayed focussed and did us proud. Sadly, Neo had to retire half way through the day due to injury, but not before he had offered some amazing runs and a new personal best of 4.76 seconds.

After lunch, WOW made the sensible decision to reduce the racing to the best of 3 legs due to the heat. We fully supported this decision and were grateful to keep the racing to a minimum given the conditions.

The day ended with Bella being awarded her 200 points Flyball Dog award and Nera her 3000 points Graduate award! We are incredibly proud of all of our dogs and are always delighted to see them reach such milestones. Well done to handlers Stacy and Marian for all their hard work to get them there!

We would like to take this opportunity to give huge thanks to TimeFlyZ sponsors Seraquin and Littleport Grange for their continued support. We hope to have some more exciting sponsorship news coming soon!

Until next time…