WOW Tournament 16 July 2017

Logan Is Back On The Mats!

Sunday 16th July 2017 saw our return to Ryton for another great competition hosted by WOW.

TimeFlyZ saw Roxy, Flicka, Nera, Peggy Sue and Bella all perform fantastically, winning all but one of their races. The dogs all ran consistently and put in some great times. Bella hit her fastest recorded time and although Peggy Sue never competes with quite the same gusto that she offers at training, she continues to be a little superstar for the team. Overall, we gave a solid performance, which placed TimeFlyZ 2nd in their division; another great achievement!

We also took our second team to the tournament. This was a brilliant opportunity for us bring Logan back into the ring with lower jumps and props at the box. We were also able to iron out some little competition issues with a couple of the dogs and introduce Mollie to the ring again for some more challenging work! After a rocky start with her confidence, Mollie offered some good box work and incredible runbacks which was great to see. Hartley ran consistently and put in some good times, Willow stayed on track and ran well, Logan ran hard and fast and proved he’s getting back to full strength, and Cleopatra surprised us all by staying completely focused and demonstrating what she’s capable of in the ring!

We all had a thoroughly enjoyable day and are looking forward to an even better performance at our next competition.

On 6th August we head to more local territory at Fenland Firestorm’s Tournament, hosted at Halefield Stud in Peterborough.

Thank you to team sponsors Seraquin and Littleport Grange for their continued support. We will be releasing more exciting sponsorship news very soon!