WOW Tournament 04/05 June 2016

Peggy Sue Returns!

On the 4th and 5th June, TimeFlyZ took part in another of WOW’s indoor competitions at Ryton.  

On Saturday we had two open teams competing – TimeShift and TimeFlyZ.

TimeFlyZ saw the much awaited return of Peggy Sue, our little ‘rat dog’ who was gravely ill towards the end of last year. Although not back to her former glory just yet, she looked happy to be back and enjoyed the racing, even barking at box-loader John on her way down the lane!

Blaze ran for the first time as part of an open team, passing and racing confidently, and Whisky made her debut here, stunning us all with a fastest time of 3.79 seconds!

Despite some great racing, TimeShift were out-run by faster teams on the day and we didn’t make it into the rosettes; however, much fun was had by all!

On Sunday, several members of our team returned to take part in a training day with some of our baby dogs. For Hartley and Mabel, this was their first experience of flyball in a different environment from our training barn. We are pleased with how they coped with the new distractions.