WOW Tournament 8 October 2016

Final Championship Preparation!

The team were off to Ryton on 8th October 2016, for another great competition hosted by WOW. This was a one-day event, with 150 races in total, so was a long day with quite big gaps between our races. We entered two teams: TimeShift (Roxy, Flicka, Logan, Nera, Willow) and TimeFlyZ (Neo, Bella, Henna, Hartley, Peggy Sue).

TimeShift ran well, but sadly Willow was not at all herself and we decided to withdraw her in the second race; unfortunately this meant that both teams were then running not for competition, but we used this as an opportunity to gain as much ring experience as possible, concentrating on improving the consistency of our starts and changes. The babies (together with Henna and Peggy Sue) did really well – seemingly un-phased by the two-ring setup – and ran consistently with very few moments of distraction; now we just need to work on the handlers!!