KC Name: Wibbly Or Won’t He
Affectionately Known As: Wib-Wib, Wibs, Wib-Wob
DOB: 7 May 2011
Breed: Jack Russell x Wire Fox Terrier
BFA Number: 7014A
BFA Awards: FDFDi
BFA Height: 10″
UKFL Number: 17243A
UKFL Awards: Cadet
UKFL Height: 9″
Handler: Steph

Wibble is a happy chappy who loves everyone and everything. Bred by one of Steph’s friends, Wibble was born in 2011, on Steph’s birthday, and was the smallest pup in the litter (although turned out to be the biggest dog across all previous litters!).

Wibble joined TimeFlyZ at the end of December 2017 and despite his love of balls he adapted well to his new training regime and environment. He ran anchor for a year while we worked hard on some established racing issues, but in 2019 he was moved to a mid-pack position in TimeOut. We are proud to have created the right motivators and rewards systems for him to race safely and consistently; his progress has been recognised and commended by many. Our recent focus has been building drive off the box which is improving his times. He currently boasts a personal best time of 4.48 seconds – like a fine wine he really has got better with age (and quite a bit of training)!

Outside of flyball, Wibble competes at independent agility shows for fun.