UK Flyball League Championships

The First Ever!

The first ever UKFL Championships were held at Lincolnshire Showground on 4th and 5th August 2018 and TimeFlyZ were proud to be a part of this landmark event! It was a bit of a scorcher but the venue was amazing, with plenty of space for camping and to exercise the dogs, great amenities, and a fantastic (and thankfully cooler) indoor arena for racing.

TimeFlyZ (Nera, Roxy, Hartley and Willow) competed in Division 6 of the open competition, with five races over the course of day one. Despite some challenging training sessions leading up to the championships and a few line-up changes from previous competitions, the dogs performed brilliantly throughout the day and coped amazingly well with the extreme heat.

Nera led the team out, putting in some great starts and strong times. Roxy was next up, running brilliantly as dog number 2, a position she has only recently been introduced to. Dog number 3, Hartley, ran consistently and stayed incredibly focused in the face of a few distractions, and Willow was her usual fabulous self as our anchor dog, demonstrating the quickest turnaround ever for a re-run!

Whilst we finished fairly low down in the division this really didn’t reflect our overall performance. Although we lost several of our races, many of these were incredibly close, with just milliseconds separating the two teams. It was a fantastic day, with some exciting races, and the whole team did themselves proud!

On day two, our Little League team (Phaze, Switch, Wibble, Gus and Skwish) hit the lanes running! Some of these dogs are very green to the competitive flyball ring but despite the occasional loss of focus, they all put in some good box turns and respectable times, coping amazingly well with some challenging distractions. All of the dogs performed brilliantly throughout the day.

Although we didn’t come away with any trophies from this fantastic event, we all had a great weekend and are so proud of all of our team dogs! There was a great atmosphere throughout the event, both in and out of the ring, and we look forward to giving an even better performance at next year’s championships.

Thank-you to our sponsors Green Pantry, Seraquin and Cambridgeshire Canine Massage for their continued support.


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