Dogs can begin our foundation training from the age of 4 months old. Our aim is to focus on making sure that both dogs and handlers have a good introduction to flyball by teaching them key foundation elements to prepare them for a safe flyballing future.

Key Foundation Elements

  • Creating a motivator
  • Introducing a reward system
  • Impulse control
  • Forward focus
  • Basic recalls
  • Shaping behaviours
  • Target training
  • Ball retrieves
  • Strengthening dog and handler relationships
  • Rear end awareness


Once our flyball foundations are well established, we begin to progress our training. We treat every dog on our team as an individual and as such our training is tailored specifically to each dog’s requirements. We set no timescales for our training and progress each stage only once the previous is accurate and consistent.

Training Progression

  • Moving the target to the training chute
  • Progressing recalls and introducing hurdles
  • Focusing on stride patterns
  • Introducing the flyball box
  • Adding the ball to the box
  • Putting the individual training elements together
  • Introducing head to head racing
  • Teaching a dog to pass into another dog
  • Positioning a dog in a team
  • Preparing for competition


Our team training includes skills work for each individual dog, as well as training changeovers and drills with their team. Team members also participate in boxloading, ball collecting, moving props and stride regulators, adjusting jump heights and filming dogs that are working.

TimeFlyZ training sessions are scheduled every Monday in Chatteris from 7.15pm until 9.45pm. Team members are expected to attend all team training sessions from start to finish.