Tails We Win Tournament 9 February 2019

Amazing Times!

The beginning of February saw us head to Bisley for the first time. We took along two NFC teams and had scheduled a pre-cadet session for our greenest dogs.

TimeFlyZ was made up of Switch, Mango, Phaze and Gus, and this pointy-faced crew didn’t disappoint! With lots of new noises and distractions for them to deal with, all four dogs out-performed our expectations. Switch continued her reliable form and remained focused and consistent throughout the day. Mango resisted the urge to chase and put in some beautiful turns and returns. Gus kept his head and clocked in a new personal best over 9″ hurdles. Not to be outdone, Phaze put in some phenomenal times, running 3.49 seconds twice, in different lanes, with a held ball and 3.46 seconds with a spat ball. A sign of exciting things to come!

Roxy, Nera, Glimmer and Wibble made up TimeShift. We used this NFC team to fine tune some technical aspects and focus on striding, passes and Wibble’s interference issues. Roxy and Nera seemed a little worried by the noise but this didn’t appear to affect Glimmer or Wibble’s performance at all and overall we were pleased to see some great work from these dogs.

Pre-cadets, Marvel, Badger and Skwish worked well. Skwishy continues to be a little overwhelmed by the competition environment but is making steady progress and enjoyed showing off his snappy little turn! It was Marvel’s first time in the ring with TimeFlyZ. He is the polar opposite to Skwish, he hits the box like a tank and has come to us with some prop dependency issues which we are working to improve. His drive and speed are undeniable but he needs some work before he will be ready for open. Badger has been a challenging dog to train but we are now seeing him progress his box work to include a return, and we were pleased to see him remain focused during each session.

All in all we had a great days racing and look forward to visiting Bisley again in the future. As always, we would like to thank Green Pantry, Cambridgeshire Canine Massage and Seraquin for their continued support.