KC Name: Windyedgewyr Made of Pepper
Affectionately Known As: Skwiiiiiiiish, Skwishy-Wishy, Skwishy-Pants, Super Fluffer
DOB: 8 March 2017
Breed: Wire Fox Terrier
UKFL Number: 17243B
UKFL Awards: Cadet
UKFL Height: 8″
Handler: Steph

Skwish began his flyball training at 10 weeks old. Since joining TimeFlyZ at the end of December 2017 he has made steady progress and is now a solid height dog for his current team TimeShift.

This lovely chap is quick to learn and loves to please, and is a little bundle of fluff that is loved by everyone he meets! In 2019 he competed in UKFL Singles, gaining a fastest time of 5.62 seconds – for which he will receive recognition as the fastest Wire Fox Terrier in the league. His current line-to-line personal best is 5.43 seconds.

Outside of flyball, Skwish competes at Kennel Club Agility events and on his way to progressing up the grades!