Affectionately Known As: Miss Roxanne, Roxanna, Fat Amy
DOB: 01 October 2012
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
BFA Number: 7231A
BFA Awards: FDFDi
BFA Height: 10″
UKFL Number: 17477A
UKFL Awards: Cadet
UKFL Height: 9″
Handler: Richard

Roxy was rescued by Richard and John from Wood Green, The Animals Charity, when she was 18 months old. She started flyball with TimeFlyZ in October 2013 and advanced well through her training. She runs starts in her team and is progressively gaining confidence and consistency at tournaments. Roxy is wild for her tuggy and loves playing flyball. She always offers her absolute best and her fastest recorded time is 4.31 seconds in competition and 4.27 seconds in training.

Outside of flyball, Roxy sometimes shows her more sensitive side and she loves nothing more than having a cuddle. We are very fond of this lovely girl.