Puppies Coming Soon

Litter Mates Join TimeFlyZ

The end of January will see two new canine members joining TimeFlyZ Flyball Team. Litter mates Phaze and Switch have been specifically bred for flyball, with impressive parenting lines on both sides they are packed full of potential!

The sire, a whippet (Chase of Hampshire Harriers), is from Monica Johnny’s well known Canadian line Missjiff, and the dam, a working sheepdog (Dizzy of Hampshire Harriers) is UK bred. Both dogs ran in the team that came runners up in Division 1 of the Outdoor British Flyball Championships 2016. Dizzy consistently runs at sub 4 second speeds and with a personal best of 3.87 seconds at the age of 3, there is still plenty more to come! Dizzy’s father (Asher of Bristol Ballistics) was easily one of the fastest dogs in Europe in 2008, 2009 and 2010, clocking an impressive 3.62 seconds in the lanes!

We will begin our babies basic training as soon as they come home and are excited to watch them both progress over the next year. These puppies will be fast and furious so watch this space!