Northants Falcons Tournament 19 January 2019

Happy New Year!

Our amazing dogs were off to a flying start at our first competition of 2019! Northants Falcons were great hosts and the venue (Stoneleigh Park) which was a new one for us, offered good facilities and was great to race in. We missed Richard, Mike, Roxy and Switch, Clair and Badger at this one, but everyone in the team pulled together to deliver some fantastic performances throughout the day.

TimeFlyZ (Deena, Phaze, Skwish and Gus) were running NFC this time out. They all did brilliantly, remaining focused throughout, and we saw some great times and strong box work from all of the dogs. We still have some work to do to get them passing and holding the ball for full runs, but it won’t be long before they’re wowing the competition with their incredible speed and technique!

TimeOut (Bella, Nera, Hartley, Willow and Wibble) performed amazingly, winning all but one race to put them at the top of their division. With some great starts, consistent passes and clean runs in almost every leg throughout the day, our dogs really showed what they’re capable of and the team’s impressive performance led to a well-earned division win in our first competition of the year!

In addition to ribbons won for TimeOut’s great performance on the day, Hartley also gained his UKFL advanced cadet badge!

We are very grateful to Green Pantry, Cambridgeshire Canine Massage and Seraquin for their continued support into 2019.