K9 Performance Physiotherapy

Time Flyz Dogs Supported By K9 Performance Physiotherapy

On Tuesday 6th December the team met with Claire Burrell from K9 Performance Physiotherapy for a Canine Athlete Workshop.

The session, which was both interesting and informative, covered details on proprioception, warm up, cool down, and conditioning. Claire provided an overview of each section, highlighting the importance of each, with points to consider for individual dogs and examples of exercises and activities to complete.

We all had the opportunity to try out various proprioceptive and balance exercises with our dogs (including walking across different surfaces, low poles, wobble/balance boards) which was great fun. For some of the dogs it was the first time they’d experienced wobble boards etc. so it was interesting to see how they all dealt with these new activities!

By implementing the techniques we’ve learned from Claire (in our flyball training as well as race preparation), we hope to not only reduce the risk of injury to our dogs, but also to improve their overall performance.

Huge thanks to Claire for a great session, we look forward to seeing you again soon!