High Flyers Tournament 25/26 June 2016

Rain Won’t Stop Play!

The 24th and 25th June found us at the High Flyers tournament at Littleport Leisure Centre, where shower and puddle dodging to and from the car was required on the Saturday.

Two teams took part on Day 1: TimeShift – Dali, Solly, Flicka, Nera and Willow, and TimeOut – Whisky, Inka, Jasper, Henna and Peggy Sue. There was little time between races and some went to 5 exciting legs with close finishes. The dogs raced well and we were very pleased that both teams came second in their division.

On Day 2 the Intermediates – youngsters Jumangi, Mollie, Hartley, Cleopatra and Bella – put their training into practice, all of them making great strides and learning to ignore the noise and other distractions. Bella and Hartley even completed some full runs! Seren took part in the Singles and definitely enjoyed some head to head racing, putting in an encouraging 4.25 seconds. We were pleased that she maintained her striding off the box as that has been one of our main training focuses since she joined the team.

The weather this weekend once again highlighted to us the reasons why we choose to race indoors. On the whole we all stayed dry, but more importantly, the racing lanes were safe!