KC/ISDS Name: Astra Henna
Affectionately Known As: Hen, Henny Penny
DOB: 19 May 2006
Breed: Border Collie
BFA Number: 3345B
BFA Awards: FDFDiFDgFDaFD Silver FD Gold
BFA Height: Full Height
Handler: Stacy

Henna is the definition of multi-talented. She absolutely loves playing flyball and although she is not the most technically perfect dog on our team, she is always, without exception, a dog that can be relied upon. She is genuine and kind by nature and just wants to please. Her consistency and dog-to-dog skills make her the first dog we reach for to stooge for our young dogs in training. Her fastest recorded flyball split is 4.15 seconds and she was in the team that took TimeFlyZ to its fastest ever seed time of 17.48 seconds.

When she was younger, Henna competed at sheepdog trials and won cradle and nursery aggregate trophies. In 2013 she won up to Grade 7 at Kennel Club agility and 2015 saw her win the team agility event at Crufts, together with her three team-mates. Henna also starred in a television advert made by our sponsor Seraquin – you can view this advert on our sponsor page. At home you wouldn’t even know that she existed; you couldn’t wish for a better dog!