KC Name: Flickflack Chasing Dreams
ISDS Name: Flickflack Chasing
Affectionately Known As: Miss Flickstix
DOB: 08 November 2012
Breed: Border Collie
BFA Number: 4155C
BFA Awards: FDFDi  FDg
Handler: Michelle

Flicka is a beautiful border collie with a fantastic temperament – Michelle is beyond proud of this cuddly little girl. She competes at both agility and flyball, and has also tried her paw at sheep herding. This is proving to be a challenge for both Flick and Michelle! In agility she has already reached Kennel Club Grade 5 after a number of class wins.

Flicka can be sensitive and doesn’t take failure well, but she quickly becomes crazy and like a bull in a china shop when she is confident about the task required. Her fastest recorded flyball time is 4.17 seconds, but we are confident that her times will continue to improve over the season.