Drake Retires

It is with much sadness that we announce the retirement of our wonderful boy Drake. He has played an essential role in our team since we began in 2010 and will be missed enormously by us all. Enjoy your retirement crazy boy!


Affectionately Known As: The Spanner
DOB: 31 July 2006
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
BFA Number: 0949N
Flyball Awards: FDFDiFDgFDaFD SilverFD GoldFD Ice Blue Moon
Handler: Holly

Drake is by far the maddest and most crazy member of TimeFlyZ. He is also one of the most reliable and trustworthy – often being used as a stooge dog for the younger or less confident team members. Drake is a huge asset to the team as he is a 12″ height dog and is quite content with anyone handling him. As long as he gets to play flyball he is happy.

When he is at home he is just as mad but is such a gentle and genuine dog. Everything with Drake is done at 100mph with no exceptions. He is a totally stupid but fabulous boy!