ISDS Name: Faenor Del
Affectionately Known As: Dee Dee
DOB: 25 May 2015
Breed: Border Collie
BFA Number: 8659B
BFA Awards: None
BFA Height: Full Height
UKFL Number: 17470B
UKFL Awards: None
UKFL Height: 10″
Handler: Marian

Deena is a Welsh Border Collie, who spent the first 17 months of her life on a farm in Wales. Although she was bred to work sheep, Deena was obviously destined for a different life and was re-homed by TimeFlyZ team member Marian at the end of October 2016.

Since joining the team she has learnt to enjoy some new features in her life; a tuggy and a ball, both of which she had to be taught to hold and interact with. Deena has also found her voice – an ear-piercing shout of excitement and impatience! We are thrilled to see her putting her manic intelligence to use in flyball and progress well through her foundation training. She’s already doing full runs at full throttle and it’s hard to remember a time when balls and tuggies weren’t a part of her life! It will be exciting to get her on the mats soon.