BFA Indoor Championships 01 October 2017

The Results!


On Sunday 1st October, TimeFlyZ were excited to take part in the 2017 BFA Indoor Flyball Championships, competing with one team in Division 6. The line up consisted of Roxy, Logan, Flicka, Nera, Peggy-Sue and Willow, who were all race-ready and raring to go thanks to our food sponsor, Green Pantry, and Massage Therapist, Tracy Challis.

We were delighted that Tracy could also join us on the day, helping with warm up and cool down exercises, and providing us with valuable extra help in the ring.

The dogs ran beautifully for us all day, not putting a paw wrong, and we had some incredibly exciting races. Despite some great wins, we didn’t quite get the results we needed and a 3-way tie for second place saw us drop to fourth position overall. Whilst this was a little disappointing, we really enjoyed the racing and were absolutely thrilled to be back into the 17’s, setting a new seed time of 17.81 seconds!

We watched some incredible racing on the day and would like to thank all those involved in making the champs happen. We’d also like to congratulate all the divisional winners – and especially WOW on their Championship win and incredible new record of 15.05 seconds!

Thank you also to our sponsors Seraquin and Littleport Grange for their continued support!