BFA Extreme Racers 29th April & 9th June 2018

Back to BFA… Winning teams, but room for improvement!

Our first two BFA competitions this year were both hosted by Extreme Racers and held at Newark Showground. Both events brought a mix of performances, some of which were disappointing to say the least, but our teams came away from both competitions with rosettes and medals, so not all bad!

Sunday 29th April started positively, with Hartley getting a 10” height card at his re-measure, giving us a second 10” height dog for BFA competitions.

Unfortunately, our first couple of races in Open Competition with TimeFlyZ (Roxy, Bella, Logan, Nera, Hartley, Willow) were far from our best, with a couple of the dogs obviously struggling. It was a tough day, and although performances improved with each race, we were frustrated not to have achieved anything close to what we know the team is capable of.

TimeShift (Neo, Wibble, Deena and Badger) were entered into Intermediates. Although there were a couple of moments of distraction, all of the dogs gave good performances throughout the day and came away with 1st/2nd place medals! Deena is currently looking particularly promising for TimeFlyZ, running 3.9 seconds consistently and touching into the 3.8’s on occasions.

Saturday 9th June saw a new line up for TimeFlyZ as Nera was temporarily out of action. Our team on the day consisted of Roxy, Bella, Neo, Wibble, Willow and Hartley. It was the first time out for both Neo and Wibble in Open Competition for the team and they both did themselves – and us – proud in their debut performances!

The change in running order brought some new challenges for a couple of the more experienced team dogs, and our first race was disappointing. Although our performances throughout the day were mixed (from both dogs and handlers!) there was some improvement with each race and we ended the day in 2nd place, so not a bad result considering!

We definitely have some work to do before our next competition, so we’ll be focusing our training over the next few weeks and months on the areas that proved challenging for the teams in these most recent events.