Affectionately Known As: Badge, Swamp Dog
DOB: 1 October 2015
Breed: Border Collie
BFA Number: 9890A
BFA Awards: None
BFA Height: Unmeasured
UKFL Number: 18016A
UKFL Awards: None
UKFL Height: 11″
Handler: Clair

As a puppy Badger was a bit of a handful. Initially the intention was for him to work with cattle, but Clair realised that this wasn’t the right kind of challenge for him – and then she discovered flyball!

Badger joined TimeFlyZ in July 2017 and really made his mark (literally!) from day one.

He’s quick and eager to learn, focused on the job in hand and progressing well through the early stages of his training. He is already showing huge potential and looks set to be a fantastic addition to the team.

At home on their farm, Badger loves to run and play; he also loves swimming, and is a very affectionate and loving boy.