Affectionately Known As: Smiler
DOB: 12 June 2012
Breed: Sprocker Spaniel
BFA Number: 8633A
BFA Awards: FD
BFA Height: 9″
UKFL Number: 17474A
UKFL Awards: Cadet Cadet Advanced 
UKFL Height: 8″
Handler: Traci

Hartley joined TimeFlyz in the summer of 2015, aged 3, with no previous experience of flyball. Some aspects of his training proved to be a bit of a challenge initially but, once we found a reward system that worked consistently, it all came together and he went from strength to strength!

He currently runs as height dog for TimeOut. Since his open competition debut in January 2017 he has given solid and consistent race performances. He copes well with new competition environments and any changes in the team line-up, and approaches everything with enthusiasm and excitement – as well as some classic spaniel flair!

At home Hartley is a gorgeous, soppy, loving and playful boy. He loves bundling around the fields with his doggy friends, almost as much as he loves cheese and curling up on the sofa for snuggles.