KC Name: Belladonna Piccolina
Affectionately Known As: Bellarina, Bella Boo
DOB: 15 June 2014
Breed: Border Collie
BFA Number: 8659A
BFA Awards: FD
BFA Height: Full Height
UKFL Number: 17470A
UKFL Awards: Cadet Cadet Advanced 
UKFL Height: 10″
Handler: Marian

Bella joined TimeFlyZ in autumn 2015 for her first flyball experience. She learnt quickly and obviously enjoyed it. She is a Kennel Club Grade 7 agility dog too but can’t get enough of exercise and games. She loves her treats and her tuggies, and chasing birds! She’s a quiet, gentle and sensitive little girl, but she’s also determined and focused.

Since her open debut in 2017 we have seen Bella grow in confidence and in turn, in speed. She currently runs starts for TimeShift and despite presenting some problems with startline consistency in the past, she has now definitely started to find her rhythm! She is a solid and reliable member of our little team and continues to love her flyball.