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TimeFlyZ is a flyball team based in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, founded in August 2010 by a group of five experienced flyballers. The foundations of our team are formed on a basis of strong and united team spirit, and a thorough approach to dog training. We use innovative, safe and effective methods of training, developing each dog and handler individually.

In 2015 TimeFlyZ were one of the first teams in the UK to make the decision to compete at indoor flyball events only, because we believe that this provides our dogs with a safer and more consistent racing surface. We also choose to race at tournaments hosting a staggered race format; this format allows our dogs to rest between races, which in turn encourages good technique in the ring.

TimeFlyZ are going from strength to strength, with a combination of newly trained dogs making their mark and restructuring of teams, incorporating the old and the new! It’s an exciting time for the club, having smashed a new club record of 15.56 seconds recently, placing us 3rd in the UKFL League and making us the fastest team in Cambridgeshire! There is definitely more to come, so watch out for us in the lanes in 2020!

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